About Us


I decided to set up Little Otter Party Supplies after becoming increasingly aware of the impact of plastics on our oceans. Many of us were shocked by the images on the BBC programme ‘Blue Planet’ and are looking for ways to change our daily lives to live a little, or a lot, more sustainably. 

Having taken my children to numerous parties, I found the disposable nature of many of the party bags and fillers available on the high street worrying. Plastic bags, plastic toys (often in more plastic bags!)  and plastic sweet wrappers. From my experience many of the toys never survive the journey back from the party!  

I describe my company as 'eco-conscious' and am I fully aware that there is always more I can do! I know that the truly sustainable thing that any of us can do it is to buy only items that are essential. However I also know that many of us a looking to choose a more sustainable option to what we may have bought in the past. This is what I hope to achieve with Little Otter.

I shall be working towards an 'eco-credentials' grading for each product to make buying from Little Otter an informed choice. Many of my suppliers are dedicated to providing the products with absolutely no plastic packaging (bar the odd bit of packing tape) but there are a few of the larger suppliers that use bubble wrap or supply large number of items in a plastic bag. I am working with these suppliers to reduce unnecessary plastic use but I always reuse or recycle these items if they are sent to me. 

I firmly believe small changes by many can make a big difference.

Thanks for going on this journey with me and I hope you like the products.

Alex xx